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Roulette is a traditional game of chance, which is offered in almost all casinos or online casinos. In addition to the luck factor, there are now numerous roulette strategies that should help the player to a sure win. But does it really exist – the perfect roulette strategy? As the name suggests, the outcome of such games depends on luck. However – especially with roulette – there are certain betting options and game strategies at that significantly increase your chances of winning.

The doubling strategy at the roulette table

The first roulette strategy is the so-called doubling strategy, which is also called the Martingale system. This way of playing follows very simple rules: The player bets on a 50/50 chance, this can be red and black or even and odd, for example. For example, if the player bets on the color red and the ball lands on a red square, the player wins double his original stake. However, if the ball in the cauldron comes to a standstill on a black field, the player loses his stake and, if the strategy is strictly adhered to, has to bet twice that in the next round. After each round won, the starting amount is used again.

Even if it sounds illogical that the ball remains in a black field ten or even 15 times in a row, this is statistically possible and occurs when looking at different roulette statistics. Because the player has to double his stake every round in the event of a loss, the table limit can be reached so quickly and the strategy can no longer be used successfully – so a loss is inevitable. Therefore, it definitely makes sense to start with small amounts in order to have enough leeway to double up.

In particular, if the strategy is being used for the first time, it is advisable that this be done either in a very low-limit casino or in an online casino. Because the online counterparts offer a wide variety of roulette tables from very small limits, which means that you can start right away and try out the strategy without significant investment. Coupled with a bonus, for example for the first deposit, you can even gain an advantage over the house – and also perfect your strategy and adapt it to individual preferences.

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